In 1937 Lyle & Ilo Studer, my grandparents, bought 80 acres in Ferry Township. They farmed the hills, had livestock, and ran a small sawmill. They moved countless rocks, & stones, many you will still see today. They planted numerous trees, that have grown to be of great size. They lived here until the early 50`s when they moved to Shelby. 1980 I had a chance to buy the farm from them.

    Flip City was started as an object disc golf course the summer of 1980. The original course was laid out by Bill McKenzie & Nick Elliott. The course was 4,000 ft long. All but 2 of the holes were played on trees. The course has been through many changes, over time, but most of the original course still remains. The course covers about 35 acres. There are rolling hills & interesting Pin placements that add to the difficulty of play. In 1998 18 DGA Mach V baskets were installed on the course. The course was extended to 5291ft for the Pro Tees, the Amateur Tees at 4150ft & Junior Tees at 3767ft. In the spring of 2001 the back 6 holes were added for 24 total. The baskets for the back 6 have been installed and we are improving the fairways. The early summer of 2008, the long tees were upgraded to cement. Several holes were extended also. The course is now, 7963ft-. Spring of 2020 28 Chainstar Pro baskets were installed. An Ace run type course was also installed around Bills house.  65' to 120' holes 

    Many thanks to all the Flip City fanatics who keep the games here going!      Bill